10 Creative Offline Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

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Last Updated on: 26th April 2020, 04:09 pm

When a business understands and deploys good marketing strategies, it enjoys more sales, more profit and eventually a fast growth. It is common these days for businesses to rely solely on online marketing. There is no issue with this idea. Nevertheless, offline marketing still has very distinct advantages, especially in terms of cost and effectiveness.

The best marketing tactics combine both online and offline marketing into a total package. If you want to boost your small business by putting effort into offline marketing, consider implementing these wonderful ideas.

10 Creative Offline Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses


This is a huge quintessential for any business. It is a unique offline marketing idea. It gives people an easy, yet a compact way of getting in touch with you and your business as a whole. For you as a business owner, this is a quick and efficient way to share substantial details about your business.

These days, only a few people tap into the rich world of business cards. Others assume that, since they already have an online presence, a business card isn’t necessary. They couldn’t be more wrong. Your business is remembered because of the contents on your business card. It is important, therefore, to present your business’s most important details on your business card.

Be sure to make your brand stand out by choosing a design that reflects your brand values. There are tons of inexpensive and templated business cards available. You may want to handle the design and printing yourself or consider looking for a designer and local print shop. Try to stick with the same logo and color of your website if you have one, as well as other marketing materials.


While this may not be the most affordable offline marketing idea/strategy, a highly ranked medium of gaining exposure for your business is attending and participating in trade shows. Since there is guaranteed exposure to your business, it becomes easy to display and sell your products, offer your services and generate more leads in a small amount of time. It is a very effective offline marketing idea

Whether you are scared that your product may not amass attention, or you are nervous about its performance in comparison to others, still go for the trade show. You’ll never know how tasty wine is unless you taste it. Who knows? You could even fare better than your competition.

If you are concerned about pricing, you could pair up with a similar business with the same challenge, to be able to afford the Booth, while exposing your products to a similar audience. It is a plus for both parties.


 We’ve seen this work over and over and obviously, it still will. Indeed, an image is worth a thousand words. If you can creatively represent your Brand on a billboard that is exposed to your target audience, it should drive good traffic to your business and you’ll make more sales.

Ensure that your contact information and a call-to-action is printed clearly so you can make the most out of this investment. Make it eye-catching and bold. Consider your target audience and do whatever you need do to be able to tell people and convince them to check out your business.

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Have you ever traveled in a vehicle and an awesome billboard, by the roadside, caught your attention? Exactly! Integrate that feeling while designing your billboard, as this is one of the best innovative promotional ideas.


An event is a great way to build brand awareness. When you speak at an event, you drive attention to yourself and to whatever you do professionally. This becomes a highly effective marketing channel.

  • There are lots of local events hosted regularly that are related to your niche or business.
  • Find some of them, attend them and try to understand their core values.
  • Eventually, you could approach the event organizers and request for a topic you’d like to speak on.

This is a very helpful strategy for back-to-back businesses (B2B). If you are to speak, be sure to speak on topics you are familiar with. This way, you won’t feel out of place and you’d be able to effectively utilize this creative marketing idea.

On the other hand, if you have the technical knowledge and resources, you can host your speaking event. In this case, you are the boss and you have total control over the event. You may choose to be the only speaker or you may decide to invite other speakers. In this manner, you will be able to network with others and build brand awareness.


It is obvious that technology has advanced and lots of news agencies are offering online versions of their publications. Nevertheless, many people still read the paper. These people might just be the potential customers for your business. Run an advert in your local newspaper(s). They are generally not too expensive to advertise. You’ll be seen by lots of people in that locality who might be interested in your business.

  • If you are low on budget, you could approach your local newspaper agency and request to buy an advertisement space that they are yet to sell.
  • Much like an event will greatly reduce prices to get last-minute attendees, a newspaper agency will gladly sell unbought ad space for a fraction of the price.
  • Like any business owner, they’d rather make a little money than no money at all.

You see, newspaper advertising is one of the best ways to reach offline audiences. Since your advert gets to show up in reputable publications, your business immediately gains repute. Moreover, since different sections of the newspaper tend to speak to different segments of the public (like the business, sports, music sections, etc.), this becomes a great way to target your customers. A typical example is advertising IT services to readers of the IT/Tech section of a newspaper.

People are attracted to newspapers. It is very common for an individual to visit a friend and quickly pick up the newspaper from the table to read/glance, and could even become engrossed in the action if there’s a captivating article. This makes the newspaper a very effective offline marketing strategy.

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Sponsoring a community event is a good strategy to create awareness about your business. Not only do you get seen, but you also get to make people feel good about you and your business. You could sponsor a local sports event if you are, for example, selling sporting attires.

On an individual level, community engagement may be a choice. As a business, however, that choice becomes a crucial part of your marketing campaign.

People love to support local businesses, especially ones that are engaged in community events. It would do well for your business if you started engaging in local community events.

  • Community events are often looking for sponsors.
  • You could harness this opportunity to market your business since your contribution will be acknowledged.
  • The hosts will be thankful and the attendees joyful for the experience and assistance.
  • You will be thrilled that you could contribute to their growth, as much as for the business exposure you would amass.

While offering these services, do all you can to get the people to recognize your business. You could wear branded attires and use branded items to showcase your brand.  This will create awareness and eventually, your customer acquisition rates will skyrocket.


A digital marketer was interviewed in our community, and he shared some of his secrets in acquiring more clients. One of his top strategies was cold-calling. Since he integrated cold-calling into his marketing campaign, his conversion rate rose by over 5%.

As much as people shy away from cold-calling, it produces great results.

Yes, it is quite challenging to pick up the phone, call a stranger and start talking about your business. But you know what? It works! And it works very well, even though this is not a fresh marketing idea.

We advise that when cold-calling, you should map out your potential customers’ Avatar and have a detailed plan to follow through. This will save you time and energy while trying to persuade them over your business. They say ”you lose all the shots you’ve never taken. So, pick up the phone and give cold calling a shot.


This involves two or more businesses promoting each other’s products and services. The goal here is building a rapport between your business and another business. It is one of the key foundations on which offline marketing ideas are built. Not only is this method effective, but it also allows you to work with, and understand a similar business.

You could look for a store, reach out to the owners, and inform them you’d love to do a giveaway. You’d then provide them with some free products that reflect your brand. This will draw people to their store since people love giveaways. It will, however, expose your brand, because people will get to know the source of the freebies. The other business may choose to do the same in your store and gain more exposure too – a win-win situation.

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This is another great way to extend your brand message. You may choose to use flyers or pamphlets for this purpose. Some businesses feel that this tactic may have lost its potential, but that isn’t true. If carefully designed and employed as an offline marketing idea, especially when you understand your potential audience Avatar, the results will be amazing and you will see a boost in customer acquisition.

The first impression of the printed materials can make or break its effectiveness. It is therefore important to create materials that convey your business message while keeping it simple.

Make sure you leave them in places they will be seen and not just any place. You want them kept at places that your customers regularly visit; malls, marts, supermarkets, public parks and other places of business – get creative.


Educational workshops can be an avenue to learn, but they can also be a channel to be seen, heard and known. Head to a workshop, and be sure to go along with your business cards and flyers. You know, being around like-minded individuals can give you a chance to connect with smart, useful people.

Better still, host a workshop that has educational value for potential customers. Your products and services can be included as a solution to the challenges they face. Educational workshops about a relevant topic can increase the visibility of your business.


In the online marketing circle, an influencer is someone with renown and an established base of followers.

They can bump up your business if you can link up with them, and they agree to promote your products or services.

In the case of offline marketing, you may choose to call them “Brand Ambassadors”. They are more like moving, talking billboards. They’ll wear your logo, use and review your products as well as recommend them. It is a psychological Trigger that people tend to use products or services which the most popular figures use.

Considered the world of football. Companies like Nike, Adidas, etc. contract popular football players to become their brand ambassadors. This is indeed a very powerful offline marketing idea.


While some of these ideas may seem feasible, others may seem daunting and overwhelming. When it comes to business, marketing is the key to profitability. Keep going, stick with the guns and be consistent.

The reason why Coca-Cola remains one of the most popular brands is their ability to remain consistent while employing breath-taking online and offline marketing strategies.

It is a common thing for businesses to start with a lot of energy and commitment to the marketing campaigns, only to gas out after a while. Maintain and follow a genuine actionable plan and keep at it. If you can overcome the stress, you are guaranteed awesome results – more traffic, clients, customers and revenue for the business.

It may seem challenging to carve out your precious time for offline marketing, but it is very necessary if you want to grow your business. Offline marketing builds good trust and generates good results. Remember the saying “do not put all your eggs in one basket” (i.e. online marketing), so, embrace and explore offline marketing and enjoy the dividends in your business.

  • How frequently do you utilize offline marketing as a strategy to grow your business?
  • What are the challenges you face while marketing offline?
  • Do you have any more ideas you would love to share with us?

 Kindly leave a comment below and we’ll be so appreciative.

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